Goodbye June!

While the boys are outside playing in the sprinkler, I thought I’d catch up on some picture posts. June, like the rest of the year, has gone by quickly. However, we were able to enjoy a little family trip to see family and friends. Ben took part in a Songwriting conference in Indiana that was put on by the Gaithers. Me and the boys enjoyed some quality time visiting with my grandparents while he was away. The boys loved playing outside, going for walks, and especially the water guns!

Once we were all back together, we piled in the car for a quick trip to Springfield, MO, our old stomping grounds for five years. I enjoyed seeing old friends, and of course, eating Andy’s.
Ben and I decided that the boys would really enjoy Silver Dollar City. So we spent a day there, and they loved it. Caleb was just tall enough to ride Thunderation. He came off of the ride and said, “Mom, that was awesome! Can I ride with you next?”

Don’t let those kid rides fool you!

One of Blaise’s favorites…I kind of enjoyed it myself.

I just LOVE Joshua’s face on this one. It looks like pure terror.

Blaise and the boys other favorite ride.

A quick stop off at Blue Springs before returning to my Grandparent’s house.

What’s a trip to Grandma’s without fireworks…even if it’s not July 4th.

Joshua lighting a firework.

Caleb taking his turn with a smoke bomb.

And Blaise running through the smoke.

We had a great time. Hopefully the boys will have fond memories.

Picassa Album

So Ben got my Picassa albums linked up with our iPhoto program. I can put up my slideshows again. Hooray! I’m a little behind on photos and my picture a week posts. That’s why you’ll be able to enjoy some pictures from February. Caleb is almost finished with his first year of official homeschool, so I might have a few extra minutes of free time. Maybe I’ll post more often…yeah, right!

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Okay, so I missed a week…sorry about that. Here’s a couple of pictures to make up for it.

Shells and Cheese= YUM!

Love my boys!

Here are a few pictures from our sumo wrestling night:

Happy Birthday, Blaise!

Blaise celebrated his first birthday this past week. Can’t believe it! We had a party for him last weekend, where he celebrated with his cousins. We had some of his favorites…popcorn and smoothies!
Blaise before the festivities began…playing with balloons.

Joshua was ready for the party to begin. He couldn’t wait to help his little brother open presents.

Blaise wasn’t very interested in opening presents. He chewed on this almost the whole time.

He wanted to get to the good stuff…his cake!

On Thursday, we celebrated again. This time he was a bit more into the whole opening presents thing.

He was still more excited about eating his birthday dessert though. This time he had some brownies!

Just a little messy…

This winter has been so mild. We decided to spend some time at the park on this beautiful day. Here are a few shots.

Caleb…acts just like his daddy!

Blaise having fun on the slide.

The boys swinging and climbing trees. Sorry the swinging one is kind of blurry, but I love Joshua’s face!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Pics A Week

It’s that time again!  Here are some pictures to get you through until next week.

The boys are enjoying some video game time.  Joshua is either really good and can play with one hand or really  bored…he sneaks in some booger picking.

Blaise enjoyed his potatoes…a lot!

Joshua’s first dentist appointment. I think his favorite part was picking a prize at the end.

Picture(s) A Week

Okay…it’s hard to just choose one picture. So this time you’ll get four.

The boys love having me take their picture when they are jumping off of stuff. Then they run to me and ask to see it, and then run back to whatever they are jumping off of and yell, “take my picture!” I loved this one…Caleb has his cape on and the way his feet are positioned, it looks like he is taking off.

Joshua loves to to hug and snuggle. He’s getting his snuggle fix with Blaise.

What baby doesn’t love playing in the cabinets? Blaise thought it would make a great seat as well.

The boys love playing with Daddy. At first it was just Blaise enjoying a ride, but once the other two saw Blaise, they all jumped on Daddy’s back.

Whew! One week down…bet you thought I wasn’t going to make it, since it is Friday. Enjoy!

A Picture A Week

I’m trying to keep this family blog alive, so I’m going to post at least a picture a week of whatever awesomely, cool thing we are doing! And since I didn’t make it a New Year’s resolution, I won’t feel bad if I fail!
So yeah, New Year’s Day has come and gone, and me and the boys are trying to get back into the swing of things. We had a wonderful Christmas break. I think we are all missing having Daddy home. Anyway, here are a few pictures to highlight our Christmas break.
We celebrated our family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, before we headed up to Burlington to celebrate with the Lee family Christmas Eve night. Here are the boys the night before in their Christmas pjs.

Caleb and Joshua were super excited to sleep by the tree that night!

Joshua had some great pictures, and I love this one. I couldn’t believe that he was so excited over batman bandaids in his stocking!

Last year, the older boys received power wheel trucks for Christmas. This year, Blaise got a smaller version (thanks, Grandma Lee). He enjoyed pressing the button and making it go. Of course, his older brothers had to show him how it worked.

We took a quick trip to TN to visit my Mom. We went nature sight seeing while we were there. Caleb enjoyed posing for pictures, as usual!

We even managed a trip to the zoo. I know, I couldn’t believe we went to the zoo in December. The weather was great, and the crowds were small. A perfect day to go! Ben got attacked by a giant bee, so it wasn’t such a great day for him, but the rest of us had fun!

Hopefully, I can keep to my plan so you can enjoy many more pictures of our little family.


The holidays seem to be in full swing. Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas will be before we know it. The month of December has already filled up with Christmas programs, Caleb’s first piano recital, Joshua’s 3rd birthday, and of course, family gatherings. I can’t wait to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season with my family. Decorating the tree. Sipping hot chocolate. Driving around looking for Christmas lights. It makes me giddy!
I’m trying a new way to put pictures on here. Hopefully it works well. Let me know if you have problems viewing it! Enjoy…

Okay, for some reason there were problems with the video. I probably won’t post pictures this way from now on, but you can enjoy the slideshow from youtube.

Here’s the link for the original version…
The Boys

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All it is is pictures

Well, I can’t say that I’ve been too busy, but at least busy enough to not update our blog.  So here are a few pictures to make up for it.   I should make the first three pictures a guessing game, but I’ll be nice.   They are pictures of each of our chunks at around 4 months of age.  Blaise seems to be a perfect mix of his two older brothers.

Grandma, Birthday, Zoo and More

So after Easter, my Grandmother stayed with us for a week. The boys enjoyed playing outside with her, and Caleb really liked playing UNO with her. I enjoyed the company, too! Here’s a picture of the boys tormenting Grandma with snakes. My grandmother dislikes snakes. A lot.

We enjoyed the nice weather while Grandma was here, and went to Dan Nicholas Park.

The boys had fun walking through the “zoo” at the park.

We had a busy weekend filled with the Ben’s work picnic, Blaise’s Baby Dedication, and Caleb’s 4th Birthday Party. We sang at Ben’s picnic and my lovely Grandma watched the boys for me. Thankfully, they had lots of bounce house type things that Caleb and Joshua enjoyed playing in while we performed. Caleb really enjoyed the bungee/trampoline ride, and of course, we rode on the train.

They enjoyed a few icees, popcorn, and cotton candy while we were there, too.

Blaise did well at his dedication. His brothers were pretty well behaved as well. I tried getting a good picture of them before church, but Joshua was not in the mood to cooperate. This was my best shot.

Many thanks to my little sister for taking pictures during the service and at Caleb’s party. There are more pictures up on my facebook.

Caleb enjoyed celebrating his dinosaur themed birthday with ALL of his cousins…all 16 of them. Yup, our house was packed with kids and lots of family. I can’t believe he’s 4 already.

We celebrated as a family on Caleb’s actual birthday. Caleb decided he wanted mac and cheese for his dinner and donuts for his dessert. Doesn’t take much to make his heart happy! You can tell from this picture we go all out on wrapping gifts…Thanks to Amazon for wrapping this one for us.

Joshua loved helping Caleb open his presents.  He couldn’t wait to play with everything.

Later that week we took a trip to the zoo. Since we have passes we just visited the North American side, so on the way home Caleb informed us of animals we missed.

Okay, I think we’re pretty much caught up on the happenings of the last few weeks. Here are just some pictures of the boys.

Naked boys

Enjoying some watermelon.

Blaise enjoying his jumperoo.