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Caught Red Handed

Yes!  The promised smile pictures are finally here!  Enjoy.

Smile 1

Smile 2

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Real Imitations

It has been a little difficult to catch Caleb in the act of imitating facial expressions, but we have a few more photos to share of him making faces at dad. (I guess I should enjoy it while it is smiles, cause soon enough it will be grimaces and rolling the eyes.)



Finally, Caleb had a blow out, so much so that we had to flip him over to get the poo off his arms, shoulders, and upper back. When we did he picked his head up and started looking at himself, so we snapped this piece of blackmail photography.


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Check Me Out!

Caleb is starting to show more emotion in his facial expressions. Below there are a couple of good shots.

Happy Caleb 1

He sure is looking happy. Check out this next one.

Happy Caleb 2

Wow! He is totally amazed with something. I wonder what it could be? The third picture should clear that up a bit for us…

Happy Caleb 3

Yup… looking in the mirror at himself. That has become one of his favorite pass times of late. I guess that goes hand in hand with imitating the facial expressions of those around him.

Hot ‘n Fresh… Get Your Smiles Here

Caleb gave me a pretty cool Father’s Day gift. Besides making me a father for the first time, he also began smiling in response to external stimulation for the first time on June 17th, 2007.  When I smile and talk to him, he now will sometimes smile back… pretty cool indeed. I think mom is a little jealous.

Hopefully we will be able to get some smiling pictures in the near future.

Month Two Photo Gallery

It’s time for a photo gallery update. Need I say more?

Splish Splash Caleb’s Taking a Bath

Some kids may not like bath time — but not so for Caleb. Baths calm him down, and he doesn’t cry until it is time to get out. (And then sometimes he screams his head off when he gets out!)
This video is just Caleb chillin’ in the tub. Enjoy (thanks to someone getting on my case about not updating the blog. You know who you are. No I haven’t been sick.)

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KFC – Kisses for Caleb

We are writing this entry to announce our new campaign… Kisses for Caleb: KFC. We found our new acronym to be both creative and unique. We hope you enjoy this blog entry more than Caleb enjoyed the result of the compaign.

As part of the campaign, you will notice signs across the country emblazoned with a red and white “KFC” logo.   When you see one, just think about how much you would like to be kissing Caleb at the moment.

We are trying to work out a slogan to use as well.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  Our working slogan is, “Everybody needs a little KFC!”


Achoo, Achoo…and Lilies

Caleb really enjoys sneezing in pairs. Ok, I don’t know if he really enjoys it, but if he is going to sneeze you’re going to hear two of them.

God bless you!

Dad and I joke that Caleb’s favorite flower is going to be the Calla Lily. It seems that he is always staring intensely at the pictures on our walls.


Poll Number Two — Resemblance

Ben (Dad)

This is Dad!


Jessica (Mom)

This is Mom!



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The First Blog Poll

Poll Image


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