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Now That’s Entertainment

Nobody, except mom and Caleb might ever know exactly what dad was doing — but Caleb sure thought it was funny. This is our first segment of laughter video, and you can see that Caleb has two sets of dimples on the side of his face when he laughs. I can’t really add much to this, but if a picture is worth a thousand words then this video is worth even more.


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Over the past month, mom and dad have been putting Caleb in his Jumperoo for longer periods of time. At first he wasn’t sure what to do. Then he noticed the cool gadgets around the edge. Now he is beginning to touch the ground and do some riverdance moves. Occasionally he even starts to get in a bouncing rhythm. It looks like he will be having a lot of fun with this piece of equipment over the next few months.


We weighed Caleb on our home scale this week, and he is only an ounce or two shy of 17 pounds! He is growing up so fast — and getting so big. Perhaps Caleb won’t be the runt of his class as his dad was.

Another first this week, Mom and I were singing to Caleb when out of nowhere he started singing along with us. OK, he wasn’t singing words, but he was holding long vowel sounds to a pitch. It was pretty cool.

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Miscellaneous Photos

Caleb has been busy over the last few weeks, and dad is finally getting around to putting some of the photos online. Caleb attended his first concert and went to his cousin David’s birthday party. Caleb had summer time pool fun, with and without his clothes. He’s starting to reach for and grab various toys, and smiles and laughs are becoming more and more plentiful. Just so you won’t all miss out on how much growing Caleb has been doing, we have another photo album for you.

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Praying… Flashback

Back by popular demand… a picture of Daddy and his son doing similar poses over 30 years apart Caleb seems to be a bit distracted, and also possibly a bit younger than dad was when he took his photo was snapped.