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Caleb Strikes a Pose

Wow– it has been too long since I have updated the blog. Caleb is growing by leaps and bounds. At his four month checkup he is a very happy 19lbs and 27″. The doctor said that it is time to start in
on solid foods so Caleb had his first introduction to Cream of Wheat several nights ago. That made for some great video and photos that we will be sharing.

(Some have complained that they are unable to view the above gallery. If you are in that category, try this link.)
Caleb is still bouncing in his jumperoo, although we did have to move the height notch up to the second level. On the floor, he is just about to the point of rolling over. He rolls up on his side and then rolls back. He has rolled over several times with assists from mom and dad, but is just short of his first solo roll. He has become adept at grabbing things that are left within his reach.In some of the pictures, Caleb is sporting his come hither look and his 12 month “Stud Muffin” onesie. If you notice a great deal of saliva in some of the pictures, that is because Caleb is probably very close to teething and has taken to blowing spit bubbles.Enjoy this album, and expect to see an update with some videos soon.

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