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Caleb’s First Voice Lesson

This one will take a couple of minutes to watch, but I think you will find it well worth your effort.

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My Hobbies

Well, dad finally decided at six months that I was old enough to do some of my own blogging. Ever since I first got my hands on a keyboard I have been dying to do some of my own entries. Today I am going to share some of my hobbies, a.k.a. how mom and I stay busy while dad is at work.


Dad gave me my first lesson in changing the oil the other day. I watched carefully as dad showed me the ins and outs of this piece of routine automobile maintenance. From this I learned that changing the oil must be a lot like changing a diaper. Once dad got underneath the car, it started peeing on him just like I do when he takes my diaper off. Even dad’s hands looked like he was changing a dirty diaper!


Mom has been reading from my picture Bible to me every day, so I decided to give the reading thing a try myself. What I don’t understand is why my parents sit around and just look at something that clearly tastes so delicious. My motto is, “A book in the mouth is worth two in the hand.” (I can’t get bookworms from that can I?)


Dad has been spending some time teaching me about the guitar. Mostly I strum while dad picks out some chords. I really like how it sounds, and I would like it better if my arms were long enough to strum and chord. Well, all I need is a few more months. I’m already almost as tall as Pastor Kratzer.


Finally, in my spare time I have been practicing a little male modeling. I know we all wonder sometimes if there is more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking… but I try not to think about that too much. I can’t afford to be distracted or I could get caught in the middle of a breakdance fight or a freak gasoline fight accident. This is my new look. I like to call it “blue felt.”


Until next time, keep on bloggin…