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A Day in My Life…

I know the burning question on everyone’s mind is, “how does Caleb spend his Saturdays?” So not wanting to disappoint any of my readers, I decided to dedicate an entire post to answering that question. This is a typical Saturday, complete with pictures and witty commentary.


Good Morning! Ya, I know it’s only 7:00am on a Saturday, but I’m ready to get my day started. I’ve been standing in my crib talking for about 15 minutes, and mom and dad finally came in — and I promptly told them to take this picture.


There’s a lot to be done and no time to lose. I need to play, eat, play, diaper change, get dressed, play, wait for mommy and daddy to get ready, play. You get the picture.


Finally Mom and Dad are ready, and we are on the road. Could they have taken any longer?


After almost falling asleep in the car, we finally arrive to our destination. Perhaps some day we won’t live in Smallsbury and I won’t have to spend 30 minutes in the car to get to any place other than Wally-World. Today I find myself at Target. I love Target.


I really LOVE Target!


We made a few more stops, but I was starting to get pretty hungry. I got Mom and Dad to stop at Subway so I could eat some lunch!


A full belly + a short car ride to Sam’s Club= a sleepy lil’ pup! This is where my parents buy diapers in bulk. Dad says I keep Sam’s and Wal-mart afloat just with my diaper needs. I personally think it is all the candy mom and dad won’t share with me.



Finally all that shopping is out of the way and it’s time to really play. I love it outside. Nothing like getting some extra vitamin D. All the neighborhood girls like to check out the gun show when I I go shirtless.


I’m going for a ride in the wagon I got for Christmas from Grammy and Papa. On the hill our house was built on, it is like a roller coaster! I have to hold on tight to the sides.


A busy day with lots of fresh air deserves a big dinner. Mom lets me feed myself before she brings out the dreaded spoon. Here you have a rare shot when I have not thrown my sippy cup to the floor. I like watching mom and dad scramble to pick it up. (I also like to hear my name, and throwing it to the floor after each sip is a sure way to get mom to say it!)


After dinner dad and I often retire to the living room for carpet wrestling. When I wear dad out, I come in to the kitchen and help mom by taking out the dishes she has just put in to the dishwasher.


When I hear the water running, I strip down to nothing, cause I know it is bath time. I can’t get in by myself yet so I have to wait for dad to get in the water.


Oooh! Look at the column of liquefied sparkles! (Certainly don’t look where I have my hand.)


One of my favorite bath toys is this purple cup that dad drilled holes in the bottom of it. It makes it hard to drink the delicious bath water, but it sure is fun to play with.


Ah! A little night time nip. Nothing puts me to sleep like a little warm milk. I like mom and dad, but at bedtime only mom will do.


This is me reposed for the night. Have to get a good night’s sleep so that I can be up at sunrise again tomorrow! Hope you have enjoyed spending the day with me. Come and do it in person sometime.

Hum and Scrunch

Yup, that’s what Caleb has been up to. You can usually find him crawling around the floor humming his own little song. He’ll stop long enough to give you a scrunch, a.k.a a super smile, and then be on his way to whatever new item has grabbed his attention.

Here are a few pictures from last month. Hope you enjoy!