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We’re #1

That’s right folks — just Google for “Caleb Roy Johnson” and our blog comes up in the first slot!  I don’t know what else one might expect to come up, but I guess that is at least some notoriety — or an indication that no one sharing your name has achieved notoriety.  Now we can sit back and bask in the glow of being on top.

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Sibbie Sighting II

Caleb found out that he is going to have a little brother.  It works out nicely so there will be a Caleb and Joshua.  Who knows what kind of trouble the two little “spies” will get in to…


Also, here are a few pictures of Caleb from the last month.

Little Drummer Boy

Okay, it’s a little early for Christmas, but here is a recent video shot on a cell phone of Caleb playing the drums.