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The Fair, Young Republicans, and the Museum

A couple weekends ago we took Caleb to the Rowan County Fair.  He enjoyed eating cotton candy, riding the different rides, and mooing at the cows.  I think his favorite ride was the Spinning Teacups.  He almost won a bike, but our number was one off from the number called out.  There are a few pictures and even a short video of his time at the fair below.

Last Friday evening we attended the Young Republicans meeting.  Caleb was the youngest in attendance — except for Joshua — the Republicans at least acknowledge his human rights.  He quickly warmed up to the crowd by running to and fro throughout the building.  And when asked if he wanted a bite, he decided to share a donut with Ty Cob, a Republican running for the U.S. House of Representatives in our district.

Today he enjoyed an afternoon playing with his cousins at the Children’s Museum in Greensboro.  He even played in the cockpit of a plane donated by Timco Aviation, the company where his daddy works. He loved all the different activities and was upset when it was time to go.