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It Runs in My Genes

A few weeks ago Caleb began to do something that I started to do at his age — cross his eyes.  Both Jessica and I became a little concerned.  No parent wants their child to have a disability or weakness.

After going to the eye doctor, we found out that Caleb is quite farsighted, just like me.  (I guess you have to take the bad with good. <grin>)  After checking around, we found that we could save a lot of money on the frames and lenses at Costco.   We ordered his glasses 10 days ago and waited for glasses to come in.

The glasses came in this week and today we went in to pick them up and to have them adjusted.  Initially Caleb did well, making it all around Costco, taking in the enhanced scenery, and most importantly, leaving the glasses on.  We were relieved because we had natural reservations about an eighteen month old adapting to his first pair of glasses…

…Three hours later Caleb was adjusting to his second pair of glasses.  While in his car seat he pulled of his titanium flexible frames and proceeded to rip them hinge from hinge.  Fortunately Costco had an extra frame and treated it as a warranty issue.  They had us all patched up in 15 minutes, and as of 8 PM, the second pair is still holding up.  Looks like Caleb’s glasses wearing will only be under strict parental supervision for some time.

Caleb is looking more like his dad every day.  It is a good thing that frame styles have improved since the 70’s.

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Metamorphasis… Finally…

It’s been awhile, but Caleb’s caterpillar finally morphed into a huge moth.  We knew you guys had been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the life cycle of our little, well maybe not so little, caterpillar- how big would he be, what color would his wings be, what would we name him.  Ok, we didn’t name him, but here are a few pictures from that pretty exciting day in the Johnson household.

Catch Up!

Welcome to our new Family blog.  With the arrival of Joshua in a little less than 7 weeks, we thought we would create a blog titled for the entire family.  I can’t believe the last time we posted was a month ago.  I guess that means this entry will be a bit long, so we can catch up on all the things Caleb has been doing.   Don’t forget to check out the pictures and even a short video below.

Caleb enjoyed carving his first pumpkin.  He’s all boy and really enjoyed getting his hands all mushy and dirty and covered with pumpkin guts.  He loves being outside and really likes to wade chest deep in to a pile of leaves.

Several weeks ago, Caleb took a trip to the  Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia with seven of his cousins to see the fall foliage.  Caleb watched his dad take off his shoes to wade in to a mountain stream… and followed him in with his shoes on!

While playing outside with dad, Caleb ran around the house, twice!  Whether its riding in his wagon, throwing a ball, or just finding dirt, water, and mud, Caleb loves to be outside.  When it is time to come back in, Caleb would rather stay outside.  He loves the playgrounds at parks and now slides right down the big slides whether or not mom and dad are ready.

For the political season, Caleb had the opportunity to attend a stump speech of Pat McCrory (who didn’t win). He enjoyed watching the helicopter land and take off.  The day of the election he spent a couple of hours working the polls with mom.  His cute smiles won a few extra votes for the Republicans.  He has the makings of a fine politician, right down to the crying and need for constant attention.  On election night Caleb watched the early returns from the Salisbury GOP headquarters.  He even took a picture with McCain and Palin… OK, so it was their cardboard cut-outs, but it was still cool.

Weeping & Mourning

A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because they are no more. — Matthew 2:18

Today is a day of weeping and mourning in America.  As Scripture warns, “the love of money is the root of all sorts of evil.”  Americans have watched as hard economic news unfolded.  Instead of turning to God, they have turned to government to save them.  Even in light of perhaps the most radical pro-abortion candidate that this nation has ever seen,  financial worry has trumped social injustice.

May every child of God who for reasons of finance, race, etc.  has cast aside the weakest among us find their way to repentance and mercy.  It is time for us to repent, weep, and mourn.  God will hear us and yet save us.

Is there any doubt that we are living in the last days?  Look up… our redemption draws near.  (And I am not referring to Barack Obama.)