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Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast

I’m writing this entry from our post-partum recovery room, and that can only really mean one thing.  Yes, just like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Joshua couldn’t wait for his Christmas due date. He arrived December 13th, 9:28 PM at a pretty standard seven pounds, six ounces – and nineteen and one half inches.  His full name is Joshua Boyd Johnson, the middle name coming from my mom’s father — and also from his cousin once removed William Boyd Stogner.

Last night was pretty quick.  We were only in the hospital for an hour and a half before Joshua was born.  Three hours before he was born we were shopping at Toys R Us.

Caleb is trying to take it all in, but he is warming up to his little brother.  He is also growing up in a hurry, spending his first night away from mom and dad since he was born. What fun these two little spies will have as they grow up together.