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You Might Be a Parent If…

  1. “Sleeping in” means sleeping to 7:30… A.M.
  2. Any time past 9:30 is past your bed time.
  3. Upon hearing “They’re two, they’re four, they’re six, they’re eight…” you drop in to a Brittish accent and perfectly complete the next line of the song. (I know some of you are humming…)
  4. “No,” “stop,” and “don’t” comprise 75% of your active vocabulary.
  5. Most of the “fine furniture” in your house is plastic and brightly colored.
  6. If you had any money to invest, you would sink it all in to a few brands — Energizer, Pampers, & Fisher Price.
  7. You’ve come to realize your threshold for “blowing chunks” is way beyond what you ever imagined.
  8. Any accident that doesn’t require a trip to the emergency room is a reason for celebration.
  9. All small objects in your house are mysteriously attracted to slots and holes, especially slots and holes in high dollar electronic equipment.
  10. You ever suddenly find yourself simultaneously soaked in at least two of the following: urine, poo, or throw up.
  11. Going anywhere takes exponentially longer than it ever did before.
  12. Your idea of a vacation is all the kids sleeping at once.
  13. You’ve ever bought the photo package upgrade because it would be a shame to throw away the ones that cost five times more than the ones you ordered.
  14. You have ever cried when you see all the Christmas gifts your relatives bring to your house.
  15. You know what a 5 point harness is and how to use it.
  16. You have developed a keen reflex for seizing people much smaller and faster than you.
  17. You can correctly decipher which of the ten meanings of “juice” is currently being used — and have even learned to use the word accordingly.
  18. Your wishlist includes the following: Boppy, Bumbo, & Hooter Hider.

Jeff Foxworthy has nothing on me.  Let’s see what you can add in the comments!

Survivor Baby

Joshua is now 3 1/2 weeks old, and it has been about that long since we updated the blog… oh how time flies.  He has survived Caleb…so far.  His head wasn’t too hurt when Caleb ran one of his cars into it.  He didn’t spit up too much when Caleb helped turbo charge his travel swing.  I think he kind of enjoyed the ice cream, little pieces of goldfish, and juice that Caleb tried to sneak to him.  He can still move his lower extremities after Caleb stepped on his bottom.  The numerous hugs and kisses that Caleb gives him must somehow balance things out in the end.

Joshua has already had quite a series of adventures. He has been for a ride on his brother’s back, gone for a train ride, and set the Guinness World record for most poopy diapers in the first month of life… and it hasn’t even been a full month yet. He even got to do a little role playing as baby Tron. (Ok, actually it was the billi-light, but still, check out the cool picture.)

Caleb has been equally busy, keeping us on our toes. He has had to find new ways of drawing mom and dad’s attention away from the new distraction. He loves to climb on anything, including his little brother. He is learning new words all the time and will often repeat words we didn’t know he could say out of the blue. Perhaps his cutest vocalization is when he points at Joshua and says “bey-bey” in mock guttural tones.

Caleb has already run through two sets of batteries for his Elmo Live. Caleb makes sure that Elmo is talking as he goes about his regular activities. While dad has been off for his paternity leave, Caleb has spent a lot of time with him tending to their makeshift dam in the backyard creek. Caleb got lots of toys for Christmas… I think we need to call off Christmas for the next few years. The house is filling up.

Well, I guess I should draw this to a close. Don’t forget to leave us some comments! Perhaps they will motivate us to get some more video up on the blog.

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