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Vacation, All I Ever wanted

Ben decided to surprise the family with a mini-vacation to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord.  It’s a hotel with an indoor water park.  Joshua enjoyed the water a lot.  Caleb had fun as long as cold water wasn’t being sprayed in his face.  He liked the pool with the basketball goals and the “ssss” or snake.  We have a few pictures of the park below.  We’ll try to post some video soon.  We have some good footage of Ben crossing the pool on lily pads.

Joshua’s Baby Dedication

Here is a video of the song Benjamin wrote for Joshua. There are also some pictures from his dedication below. Enjoy!


Things are going pretty well here.  We had a good Easter weekend.  We took Caleb on his first Chuck E. Cheese outing. He played a little skeeball, hit some moles, and enjoyed putting tokens into the machine to watch a train ride around a track.  That’s some 25 cent fun right there!  In the end, he had enough tickets to purchase a worm, but he enjoyed the cotton candy that Daddy purchased better.  We went to Burlington and had Easter lunch with the Johnson Clan.  Caleb enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt and playground time with his cousins.  They taught him lots of new ways to enjoy the slide…climbing up the slide, which he finally mastered without falling and sliding down on his belly, and going head first on his belly.  Luckily, he decided not to try going down backwards.

Joshua had his 4 month appointment.  He’s growing and chunking up.  I think there is a saying, “the more the chunk, the more they thunk.”  I’m not quite sure what it means though.  He was treated to his first food other than breast milk yesterday, but did not seem too impressed.  He continues to survive all that Caleb throws at him…or stands on him, whatever the case may be.  Caleb enjoys waiting for Joshua to  “seep,” as he does the sign language for it , and then pouncing on him while he makes his lion, or tiger, or some other ferocious animal’s roar just to see Joshua startle.  He then laughs.  I try to explain that it’s not very nice, but he doesn’t get that yet…or maybe he does!  He just waits for Joshua to close his eyes again so he can try again.

The boys have a busy couple of weeks coming up:  Three birthday parties, one being Caleb’s second birthday, (I can’t believe he’s going to be two!) Joshua’s baby dedication,  a top secret mini getaway trip planned by Ben (and he won’t tell us where we are going), and the live show, Elmo Makes Music, at the end of May.  Should be fun!  I have a lot of video to post at some point, but I’ve been having problems with our video editing program — that’s right Adobe Premiere Elements — now you are getting bad publicity on this widely read blog.  Once I, or I mean, Ben gets it figured out we’ll post some.  Enjoy the pictures for now.