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Elmo and Strawberries…

We took Caleb to see “Elmo Makes Music”  last Friday.  It was Caleb’s birthday present from Daddy.  He really enjoyed it.  He sat mesmerized the whole show.  He didn’t even move around during the 15 minute intermission.  He just waited patiently for Elmo to return to the stage.  I thought Joshua would fall asleep, but he also enjoyed the show.  He liked all the flashing lights.

The next morning Papa took the cousins strawberry picking.  Caleb loves strawberries!  He enjoyed filling up his container.

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Thank You!

Turning 2 is a very busy thing, so forgive me that it has taken me this long to thank everyone. I’ve really been enjoying all my new toys. Thanks to everyone who sent me gift cards or money. I like picking toys out, but Mom has this crazy idea that I need clothes instead. When will she learn?! I asked Mom to take a picture of me enjoying all of my gifts so I could post them here. I think she got most of them. She hasn’t let me play with the sprinkler ball yet. She keeps saying, “let it warm up a little more.” So Cailyn, when Mom thinks it’s warm enough, you’ll have to come over and play with me.

Thank you Grammy and Papa for my video game and Tub Whistle. I really enjoy playing with them.

I really love playing with my choo-choos! Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa Lee and Grandpa and Jane!

Mom really likes this outfit. Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Rachel, and all the Diaz Cousins!

I have lots of fun on this lion. I named it Aslan. I like to use it to climb on to other things. I even let Joshua get on it sometimes. Thanks Uncle Chucky, Aunt Amy, and all the Stone Cousins.

I have lots of fun running around the house trying to tag all the animals in this game. Thanks Aunt Emily, Uncle Steven, and Emma.

I like my puzzle and train that Uncle Matt, Aunt Hill, and David and Muzie got for me. I like putting the puzzle together and then dumping the pieces out again to let Mom pick up.

Mom thought that the enjoyment I got from this present was best shown in a short video rather than a picture. Here it is. Thanks to the Stogner’s for this book. I love it!

I can see clearly…

Yup, that’s Joshua. In his new glasses. I’m still trying to get used to them myself, but he seems to be doing well with them. We don’t have any crazy “breaking the glasses within an hour of having them” stories. He can’t pull them off of his head because there are cables that wrap around his ears, but he can pull them down to his mouth and suck on the nose pads.

Keep checking in. I’m sure these little crazies will give us plenty of Adventures With Glasses stories for you to enjoy.

Caleb is 2!

I can’t believe we just celebrated Caleb’s second birthday. After worrying for weeks about the weather, Sunday ended up being a beautiful day. Caleb had fun eating cheetos, opening presents, and playing in the park. He is enjoying all his presents, especially his “choo-choo.” We have tons of food leftover, so Great Grandpa Lee were saving it for you in June! Just kidding. We have a few videos and pictures from the party.