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Hello Summer!

As usual, we’ve been pretty busy, but hasn’t everyone?  The month of June is almost over, and I can’t believe it.  Caleb is super full of energy from 7:00am till 9:30pm.  He loves talking about Choo-choo’s and Cars.  His new favorite thing is lightning bugs.  He and Ben go out at night to catch them, and he comes in with exciting stories to tell me of how he lets them crawl on his hand and arm.   Joshua is growing and growing.  He likes getting up on his hands and knees now, but usually just rolls all over the floor.  He loves playing with and watching Caleb.  They’re a riot at dinner, but he doesn’t like it when Caleb yells in his face and scares him,  that just makes him cry.  The boys had house guests last week.  Their Grandma and Great-Grandma came to visit after Aunt Becca’s graduation.  Great-Grandma stayed for a week.  Caleb loved playing ball and hide and seek with her.  Joshua enjoyed having her hold him and put on his glasses.

We set up Caleb’s little pool on the deck.  He enjoyed it last year, but he really loves it now.  You don’t want to mention pool around him because he starts undressing ready to go swim.

Here are a few pictures to start out the season.  There is also a video of Caleb racing his shadow.  I thought it was pretty funny.  I only wish I had started vrecording earlier.  He played probably 10 minutes with his shadow, and I caught the last few seconds…oh well!  Enjoy.