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Army Crawling

As we wait for Joshua to start crawling on his hands and knees, here is a video of how he prefers to get around.  He’s pretty fast when he sees something he wants…like Caleb’s juice, or Caleb’s legos, or anything that has to do with Caleb.

That’s What Faith Must Be

Okay, it’s only taken me 2 weeks to get a few pictures up from our July 4th weekend, but it was a really busy day.  I guess I’m still recovering.  Not really, but here is a rundown of our day.  We met up with Grammy, Papa, The Edwards, The Stones, and The Diaz Girls, as well as The Rowan Republicans, at the East Rowan YMCA  so we could catch a ride on the Trolley to ride in the Faith Parade.  Caleb loved it.  He thought it was a Choo-Choo.  He liked throwing candy and necklaces out the window to the crowds, but his favorite part was sneaking a few pieces of candy.  Ben walked beside the Trolley and blew up animal balloons.

After the parade, everyone came over for a 4th of July cookout.  Caleb loved playing with his cousins.  Joshua enjoyed it too.  After eating, we tried finding ways to pass the time until the Fireworks started- 10:30pm.  Ya, a little on the late side.  But some napped, some played wiffle ball, some walked, and then we all watched a movie.  We rode back to Faith for the Fireworks, and I think both boys enjoyed them.  The little town puts on a pretty good show.

Enjoy a few pictures and a short video of the Fireworks.