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His Father’s Son

Some Pictures

So I’ve posted new blog entries, but haven’t created a web album in awhile. Below you’ll find a few pictures from July and August. We’ve got a busy September coming up with a trip to see some friends next weekend and our long awaited trip to the beach the week after that. Let’s hope there aren’t any hurricanes or tropical storms that want to blow through during that time.

We took Joshua to another Eye Doctor last week. He felt that Joshua was too young to get an accurate measuring on his eyes, so although surgery is not ruled out, it is not something we will be rushing in to anytime soon. Please keep praying for him! Joshua did get a new eye prescription. The Doctor felt that his old prescription was still not right, and hopefully this new one will help straighten his eyes. We picked him out some new glasses, and are waiting for them to come in. They’re back ordered…of course.

Who’s Who…

Thought it was time for another one of these. Enjoy!




Oh Happy Day!

We were so happy that one of the watermelons from our garden finally became ready to pick! Great Grandma Lee these pictures are for you! It was delicious! The watermelon was so big (wow, that sounds like the beginning of a joke) we had to share half of it with people at church!

A few Videos…

Just thought I would post a few videos. The first one is of Joshua laughing at his big brother. I can’t get enough of their sweet little laughs! I can’t wait to see how they play and interact with each other as they get older. The second video is what happens while playing a video game with Caleb.