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The Beach

We are back from our trip to the beach. Everyone had a wonderful time, but we’re happy to be back home. Below are some pictures and a few highlights from the week.

Before we left for our trip we were asking Caleb what was at the beach (like water and sand and such) and he answered, “boobies.” Although he was correct, I don’t think he knew exactly what he was saying. I hope! We bought Caleb a kite to fly on the beach. He was having fun walking around with the string but accidentally let go of it. I was trying to chase it down so we wouldn’t lose it, but every time I reached out for it the wind would blow it further from me. I finally caught it, but I had many people starring and laughing at me. Thanks Caleb!
Caleb enjoyed playing in the sand and jumping the waves. Joshua enjoyed eating the sand and crawling in the water. In the evenings we would play in the lazy river and “hot”  as Caleb called the hot tub. Both Caleb and Joshua liked the hot tub. We visited the Children’s Museum in Myrtle Beach and on our way back home we stopped by the aquarium at Fort Fisher. We ended up having to take a Ferry to Fort Fisher. We were a little surprised when the next directions from the GPS were “Board Ferry.” Caleb really enjoyed it though.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.