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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The boys enjoyed their Christmas. We started around 8:00am, read the Christmas story, opened stockings, and then started on all the presents. Caleb really enjoyed opening all his gifts. Joshua got bored halfway through and had more fun looking at all the new things Caleb had gotten. After presents, we began making food for our Christmas lunch with the Lee Family. We hosted the get together at our home this year. The cousins had a great time playing together, and as Grandpa Lee would say, they were a bunch of “house apes.” I think Joshua was the only one who sat still long enough to eat his meal, and that’s because he was strapped into his chair. There was another round of opening presents, and then we were off to celebrate Christmas with the Johnson Family. We had a great day with family, and hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! Now we are ready to ring in the New Year…I think. I can’t believe how fast 2009 went by. I don’t know if I’m ready for 2010 to go that quickly.

Enjoy a few pictures from our exciting December.


We enjoyed playing in the snow today. Check out our video!

Happy Birthday!

Joshua really enjoyed his first birthday. He wants to thank everyone for coming and sharing his special day with him. Thanks for Christmas Caroling with us as well! He has enjoyed playing with his new toys…when Caleb lets him. Thanks again to everyone. Here are a few pictures and some video from his special day!

Singing Happy Birthday to Joshua!

Caleb sees an opportunity to play with Joshua’s new toy!


It took me awhile to get things figured out…kind of figured out, but here are a few videos of the boys. Hope you enjoy!

Catch Up

Merry Christmas!  Does anyone else feel like this year has flown by?   In a week, Joshua will be celebrating his first birthday.  I can’t believe it!  It feels like only yesterday when he was born.  We have a busy few weeks coming up.  I think that’s the same with everyone though.  Joshua’s birthday party is next Sunday.  We will be singing at the Boyd Wright Road Nativity next Saturday, and the boys will be wise men and shepards.   We will be serenading the kindergartners at North Elementary school the following week, and we are putting together a small Christmas Musical at our church on December 20th.  Should be fun!

We recently took a road trip to Springfield, MO to visit with old friends (and eat some Andy’s of course), and then to Oklahoma to see some family, and finally to Illinois to enjoy Thanksgiving.  Although we all ended up getting sick, we had a wonderful time seeing everyone.

Enjoy the pictures. I’ll post a few videos later. I’m having trouble uploading them to youtube. Check back for them soon.