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Caleb is Three!

Caleb celebrated his third birthday this past weekend by having his cousins, friends, aunts, uncles, and grandparents come to his house for a Snap (alligator) themed party. He loved running around the house with his fellow party-goers and playing with all his toys in his room and jumping on his bed. We got him to take a break from playing to eat some pizza and drink some swamp juice, but almost couldn’t keep him from blowing out his candles before we sang “Happy Birthday” to him. We played a few games and then it was time for Caleb’s favorite part- presents! He loved ripping through bags and paper to see what was inside each gift. He had a great time! Enjoy some pictures and a video of his special day!

A Birthday Video

Caleb seemed to have a fun day. He wanted to eat and Chick-a-way, but ended up hardly touching his food. He wanted to play! After dinner, we let him open up presents. I felt bad for Joshua. He wanted to play with Caleb’s new toys, but Caleb was not having that. I’ll post pictures after his birthday party, but I thought I’d add this short video of Caleb trying out his new bike. Enjoy…