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It’s Been Awhile…

I’m going to use the excuse that we’ve been busy, and that’s why I haven’t posted anything in over a month and a half. June was pretty busy for us with birthday parties, baby showers, some surgery for Caleb, some eye surgery for Joshua, Doctor’s appointments, and swimming at the water park. The first part of July was busy with a trip to Illinois, Springfield, MO, Oklahoma, and back in a week. The boys were pretty good little travelers, but I think the trip wore us all down. We’ve been taking it pretty easy since. I’ve got a lot of pictures and a few videos to put up. The videos will probably be a separate post, so keep checking back. Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure all the readers of this blog already know, but we are expecting another little one sometime around February 5th. Caleb has named the baby Flump Flumpy for the time being. We’re pretty excited.

Enjoy the pictures.