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Pictures from the beach

I promised I’d get photos up soon, but with the way I post, I bet you didn’t think it would be this quick. Hope you enjoy these pictures from our trip to the beach. There are also a few pictures from earlier in the month for your enjoyment.

The Myrtle Beach Report

We’re back from our trip to the beach. The boys really had a great time. From playing in the sand, to jumping the waves, floating in the crazy river (Caleb’s interpretation of the “lazy river”), relaxing in the hot tub (during the hottest part of the day…the boys are crazy), riding roller coasters, crying because one was too little to ride the go carts (no, it wasn’t Ben), and lets not forget playing with cousins, I don’t think the boys, especially Caleb, were quite ready for our trip to end. I’ll get some photos up here soon, but I wanted to get this video up while it was still fresh. It was taken on our way back from the beach. If you listen closely, you can hear Joshua sing along some. There’s a new feature Ben added a while back under the “pages” section of our blog called video gallery. If you just can’t get enough videos of our boys, you can click that page and check out all the videos we’ve posted to youtube. Have fun!