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Nursery Rhymes and a Squealing Pig

I love this first video of Caleb “reading” Humpty Dumpty, or Dumpy Dumpy as he likes to say, to us. We have some more footage of him reading the rest of the book to us. I’ll have to work on putting them together for the site.

The second video is of Joshua squealing with joy while spinning in one of the new exhibits at the Children’s Museum. The boys really liked it, but they weren’t strong enough to spin themselves, so I had to get in there with them. I don’t think Flumpy enjoyed it as much. I was super dizzy after spinning them.

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A Test Post

So I’m testing this new app that’s supposed to make it easier to blog from one’s iPhone or iPad. We’ll see how it goes…maybe I’ll actually blog more than once month!
We are headed to the mountains today to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I’m excited. The leaves should be beautiful! Caleb can’t wait to visit the cavern.
Our CD’s should be ready to purchase by the middle of November. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that as November gets closer, but you can be thinking about who you might want to buy some for in the meantime :) !
I’m going to try and upload some pictures. Let’s see how easy that is! But enjoy a few photos from my phone.

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