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Joshua’s New Toy

We celebrated Joshua’s 2nd birthday on Monday. I made him one of his favorite foods, shells and cheese, for dinner and we had brownies afterwords. He’ll celebrate with family and friends later this month.
He had fun opening present. Caleb enjoyed it as well. He said, with a big smile on his face and looking at the new Lego train set, “I like Joshua’s birthday!”
This video is of Joshua calling his new truck, Chuck, to him. There are also a few pictures to enjoy.

A Real Haircut

Joshua received his first real haircut at the barber shop this morning. At first I wasn’t sure he was going to sit through it, but the barber quickly settled him down with a sucker. It also helped to have Daddy there holding his hand! I didn’t realize how much hair Joshua actually had until he got it cut. He’s looking super handsome now. Enjoy some pictures from his adventure.

Here’s a lovely prego pic of me, too.

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