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Time for some pictures

As we near the end of this pregnancy (I’ve got two weeks left, give or take a few), I thought I better post some pictures before I get too far behind. We’re all getting excited about Baby Flumpy’s arrival. I’m a tad bit nervous knowing what’s in store for me for Baby Flumpy to arrive, but it’s worth it. We recently put together some bunk beds for the boys, and are waiting on their mattresses to arrive. Caleb is excited about sleeping on the top bed. They both love the ladder!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Next time I post, maybe we’ll have some pictures of our new little man.

Fun in the snow

I’m a little slow on getting any pictures up from Christmas…maybe later this week, but I did manage to put together a little video of the boys sledding. They’ve always seemed to like sledding, but this time they both loved it! They would go down the hill together, by themselves, and hardly needed Daddy’s help anymore. They are growing up. It’s a little bittersweet.
They went sledding the next day, and we managed to lose Joshua’s glasses. We have looked and looked for them. I think it’s crazy unbelievable that we can’t find them. I’m pretty sure a deer is the proud owner of them now. It’s the only logical answer as to why they can’t be found. But please, feel free to come over and look. I’d love to have them back. Maybe we’ll turn Joshua’s birthday party into a search and rescue! Anyway, enjoy the video!