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Okay, so I missed a week…sorry about that. Here’s a couple of pictures to make up for it.

Shells and Cheese= YUM!

Love my boys!

Here are a few pictures from our sumo wrestling night:

Current Events

Things have been going well in our household. I think we have all adjusted to having a newborn in the house again. I can’t believe Blaise will be 6 weeks old this week. Time flies when you’re not getting as much sleep as you used to…I think that’s how that phrase goes!
Anyway, March is upon us and soon the first day of Spring. Ben and the boys have been working on getting their square foot gardens going. Caleb is really excited this year about having his own garden in which he will plant carrots (thanks, Curious George). Hopefully I’ll do a better job of remembering to water everything this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have their first church service on March 20th. I’m excited and slightly nervous. Even after all the singing Ben and I have done, things like this still give me the butterflies. If you’re in the area, we will be performing a few songs at Burlington Assembly during the evening service. You can check out our Facebook page for more info.
As usual, enjoy some pictures from the last month.

Caleb and Joshua love when Daddy makes lemonade.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Joshua decided to paint his face with his yogurt. Caleb thought it was pretty funny, too.

The boys love their bunk beds!

Caleb has really enjoyed playing Mario Kart lately. I snapped this shot after his first win. He was pretty excited.

My sweet boys! I love being able to stay home with them.

Helping out with Blaise really wears the boys out! Ha…not really! I just had a lucky day where they both decided to nap.

Blaise is chunking up. It’s amazing how fast they grow.

Blaise lovin’ on his daddy!

Enjoying some time with Mommy and giving a little preview of his sweet grin.

Nursery Rhymes and a Squealing Pig

I love this first video of Caleb “reading” Humpty Dumpty, or Dumpy Dumpy as he likes to say, to us. We have some more footage of him reading the rest of the book to us. I’ll have to work on putting them together for the site.

The second video is of Joshua squealing with joy while spinning in one of the new exhibits at the Children’s Museum. The boys really liked it, but they weren’t strong enough to spin themselves, so I had to get in there with them. I don’t think Flumpy enjoyed it as much. I was super dizzy after spinning them.

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Ramblings and Pictures

April is almost gone, and Caleb’s birthday is almost upon us.  3!  I can’t believe he’s going to be 3!  Caleb is our head weasel.  The other day when he woke up, he told us he was sick.  He laid around for about an hour, and then played the rest of the day without mentioning being sick.  Well, until after he woke up from his nap, where he told Daddy that, “I’m so sick” in a super pitiful voice.  He felt “bedduh” when it was time to go outside.  We’ve been trying to tell him how disgusting it is to pick one’s nose, but he doesn’t care.  It feels like 70% of the time I can look at him and find him picking away.  Joshua has noticed too.  Be sure and look for that picture below.  Joshua thinks it’s so funny when I tell him not to do that.

Caleb really enjoyed having some of his cousins spend the night last week.  He was so excited waiting for them, and could hardly contain himself once they arrived.  He yelled out, “Daddy, the COUSINS are here.”  He enjoyed showing them his toys and how he runs around the kitchen pretending he’s “Speed.”  I think my favorite part was how he wouldn’t say their names, he just called them cousins when he wanted their attention.

Joshua, our shy and serious weasel, is not afraid to throw fits.  His big thing is to throw himself on the floor and cry.  It makes me want to laugh when he does it, but I’m looking forward to him outgrowing that.  He also loves putting everything in his mouth.  Crayons, markers, chalk, bark, rocks and foam all taste pretty good to him.   Yum!

April brought us lots of candy, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Lee, the Timco Family Fun Day, and beautiful weather.  Hope you enjoy a few pictures below.

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It’s a big choo-choo!

I’ve been meaning to change our blog template for a year now. Thank goodness it’s Autumn again.

On Sunday, we went to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer to take a ride on Thomas the Train. Caleb was in Choo-choo heaven. He couldn’t wait to ride the train–too bad we had an hour to kill before we were able to board. Caleb couldn’t quite grasp that concept. He didn’t understand why he could see Thomas, and Mommy and Daddy said we were going to take a ride, but yet we were walking away from the train. He got over it quickly when he found a train table to play on.

Caleb enjoys a ride down the slide.

“It’s a BIG choo-choo!”

They had Thomas blocked off so you couldn’t get a picture in front of him unless you paid for them to take it. Ben walked with Caleb around to the other side of Thomas and got this one. Cheese!

Caleb could have played at this table for hours. Joshua was ready to go.

Joshua waiting to board the train.

Could Caleb have posed any better for this picture?

All Aboard!

Waiting for the train ride to start. The anticipation is killing us!

Here are a few extra pictures.
Crazy Brothers!

Joshua trying to eat what is left of Caleb’s apple while Caleb took a nap.

That’s What Faith Must Be

Okay, it’s only taken me 2 weeks to get a few pictures up from our July 4th weekend, but it was a really busy day.  I guess I’m still recovering.  Not really, but here is a rundown of our day.  We met up with Grammy, Papa, The Edwards, The Stones, and The Diaz Girls, as well as The Rowan Republicans, at the East Rowan YMCA  so we could catch a ride on the Trolley to ride in the Faith Parade.  Caleb loved it.  He thought it was a Choo-Choo.  He liked throwing candy and necklaces out the window to the crowds, but his favorite part was sneaking a few pieces of candy.  Ben walked beside the Trolley and blew up animal balloons.

After the parade, everyone came over for a 4th of July cookout.  Caleb loved playing with his cousins.  Joshua enjoyed it too.  After eating, we tried finding ways to pass the time until the Fireworks started- 10:30pm.  Ya, a little on the late side.  But some napped, some played wiffle ball, some walked, and then we all watched a movie.  We rode back to Faith for the Fireworks, and I think both boys enjoyed them.  The little town puts on a pretty good show.

Enjoy a few pictures and a short video of the Fireworks.

Elmo and Strawberries…

We took Caleb to see “Elmo Makes Music”  last Friday.  It was Caleb’s birthday present from Daddy.  He really enjoyed it.  He sat mesmerized the whole show.  He didn’t even move around during the 15 minute intermission.  He just waited patiently for Elmo to return to the stage.  I thought Joshua would fall asleep, but he also enjoyed the show.  He liked all the flashing lights.

The next morning Papa took the cousins strawberry picking.  Caleb loves strawberries!  He enjoyed filling up his container.

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Thank You!

Turning 2 is a very busy thing, so forgive me that it has taken me this long to thank everyone. I’ve really been enjoying all my new toys. Thanks to everyone who sent me gift cards or money. I like picking toys out, but Mom has this crazy idea that I need clothes instead. When will she learn?! I asked Mom to take a picture of me enjoying all of my gifts so I could post them here. I think she got most of them. She hasn’t let me play with the sprinkler ball yet. She keeps saying, “let it warm up a little more.” So Cailyn, when Mom thinks it’s warm enough, you’ll have to come over and play with me.

Thank you Grammy and Papa for my video game and Tub Whistle. I really enjoy playing with them.

I really love playing with my choo-choos! Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa Lee and Grandpa and Jane!

Mom really likes this outfit. Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Rachel, and all the Diaz Cousins!

I have lots of fun on this lion. I named it Aslan. I like to use it to climb on to other things. I even let Joshua get on it sometimes. Thanks Uncle Chucky, Aunt Amy, and all the Stone Cousins.

I have lots of fun running around the house trying to tag all the animals in this game. Thanks Aunt Emily, Uncle Steven, and Emma.

I like my puzzle and train that Uncle Matt, Aunt Hill, and David and Muzie got for me. I like putting the puzzle together and then dumping the pieces out again to let Mom pick up.

Mom thought that the enjoyment I got from this present was best shown in a short video rather than a picture. Here it is. Thanks to the Stogner’s for this book. I love it!

I can see clearly…

Yup, that’s Joshua. In his new glasses. I’m still trying to get used to them myself, but he seems to be doing well with them. We don’t have any crazy “breaking the glasses within an hour of having them” stories. He can’t pull them off of his head because there are cables that wrap around his ears, but he can pull them down to his mouth and suck on the nose pads.

Keep checking in. I’m sure these little crazies will give us plenty of Adventures With Glasses stories for you to enjoy.


Things are going pretty well here.  We had a good Easter weekend.  We took Caleb on his first Chuck E. Cheese outing. He played a little skeeball, hit some moles, and enjoyed putting tokens into the machine to watch a train ride around a track.  That’s some 25 cent fun right there!  In the end, he had enough tickets to purchase a worm, but he enjoyed the cotton candy that Daddy purchased better.  We went to Burlington and had Easter lunch with the Johnson Clan.  Caleb enjoyed the Easter Egg Hunt and playground time with his cousins.  They taught him lots of new ways to enjoy the slide…climbing up the slide, which he finally mastered without falling and sliding down on his belly, and going head first on his belly.  Luckily, he decided not to try going down backwards.

Joshua had his 4 month appointment.  He’s growing and chunking up.  I think there is a saying, “the more the chunk, the more they thunk.”  I’m not quite sure what it means though.  He was treated to his first food other than breast milk yesterday, but did not seem too impressed.  He continues to survive all that Caleb throws at him…or stands on him, whatever the case may be.  Caleb enjoys waiting for Joshua to  “seep,” as he does the sign language for it , and then pouncing on him while he makes his lion, or tiger, or some other ferocious animal’s roar just to see Joshua startle.  He then laughs.  I try to explain that it’s not very nice, but he doesn’t get that yet…or maybe he does!  He just waits for Joshua to close his eyes again so he can try again.

The boys have a busy couple of weeks coming up:  Three birthday parties, one being Caleb’s second birthday, (I can’t believe he’s going to be two!) Joshua’s baby dedication,  a top secret mini getaway trip planned by Ben (and he won’t tell us where we are going), and the live show, Elmo Makes Music, at the end of May.  Should be fun!  I have a lot of video to post at some point, but I’ve been having problems with our video editing program — that’s right Adobe Premiere Elements — now you are getting bad publicity on this widely read blog.  Once I, or I mean, Ben gets it figured out we’ll post some.  Enjoy the pictures for now.