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Picassa Album

So Ben got my Picassa albums linked up with our iPhoto program. I can put up my slideshows again. Hooray! I’m a little behind on photos and my picture a week posts. That’s why you’ll be able to enjoy some pictures from February. Caleb is almost finished with his first year of official homeschool, so I might have a few extra minutes of free time. Maybe I’ll post more often…yeah, right!

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Okay, so I missed a week…sorry about that. Here’s a couple of pictures to make up for it.

Shells and Cheese= YUM!

Love my boys!

Here are a few pictures from our sumo wrestling night:


The holidays seem to be in full swing. Thanksgiving is almost here, and Christmas will be before we know it. The month of December has already filled up with Christmas programs, Caleb’s first piano recital, Joshua’s 3rd birthday, and of course, family gatherings. I can’t wait to slow down and enjoy the Christmas season with my family. Decorating the tree. Sipping hot chocolate. Driving around looking for Christmas lights. It makes me giddy!
I’m trying a new way to put pictures on here. Hopefully it works well. Let me know if you have problems viewing it! Enjoy…

Okay, for some reason there were problems with the video. I probably won’t post pictures this way from now on, but you can enjoy the slideshow from youtube.

Here’s the link for the original version…
The Boys

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Current Events

Things have been going well in our household. I think we have all adjusted to having a newborn in the house again. I can’t believe Blaise will be 6 weeks old this week. Time flies when you’re not getting as much sleep as you used to…I think that’s how that phrase goes!
Anyway, March is upon us and soon the first day of Spring. Ben and the boys have been working on getting their square foot gardens going. Caleb is really excited this year about having his own garden in which he will plant carrots (thanks, Curious George). Hopefully I’ll do a better job of remembering to water everything this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have their first church service on March 20th. I’m excited and slightly nervous. Even after all the singing Ben and I have done, things like this still give me the butterflies. If you’re in the area, we will be performing a few songs at Burlington Assembly during the evening service. You can check out our Facebook page for more info.
As usual, enjoy some pictures from the last month.

Caleb and Joshua love when Daddy makes lemonade.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Joshua decided to paint his face with his yogurt. Caleb thought it was pretty funny, too.

The boys love their bunk beds!

Caleb has really enjoyed playing Mario Kart lately. I snapped this shot after his first win. He was pretty excited.

My sweet boys! I love being able to stay home with them.

Helping out with Blaise really wears the boys out! Ha…not really! I just had a lucky day where they both decided to nap.

Blaise is chunking up. It’s amazing how fast they grow.

Blaise lovin’ on his daddy!

Enjoying some time with Mommy and giving a little preview of his sweet grin.

Blaise Benjamin Johnson

So Blaise decided to come a few days early and fast! For those interested in this kind of stuff, my contractions started around 5:30pm on Wednesday, January 26th. Ben and I had just finished putting the boys’ mattresses and sheets on their new bunk bed. Ben had worship practice that night, but since I wasn’t feeling that great I told him he better not go. I took a bath and then started to time the contractions to see how close they were. I was still in the stage of “I don’t know if this is it” since I had a few contractions that were 10 minutes apart. I had had a doctor’s appointment that morning and had been warned that I would have some cramping and contractions that evening, so determining if this was “it” was kind of difficult. Thankfully Ben decided to call his parents and tell them to come on down (they live an hour away) despite my unbelief. Then it hit! I needed to get to the hospital. I couldn’t talk through my contractions anymore, and I was starting my “I can’t do this” talk to Ben. Usually I’m in the hospital when I start saying that. Ben’s parents were in Greensboro, so Ben got our neighbors, and we headed to the hospital. We left the house around 7:20-7:30. I walked to the labor and delivery room, stopping quite a few times to hug on Ben and have him rub my back and help me breath through a contraction. They were short staff and had just delivered a baby, so Ben and I were standing outside the labor and delivery rooms ringing the bell to be let in for 3 minutes. I finally got into a room, and changed into a gown, and then felt like I needed to push. The doctor checked me and at 8:04pm, Baby Flumpy or Blaise was born. Kind of a crazy experience this time, but the outcome…so amazing! After three labors, I’m still amazed and in awe of what God knits together in a woman’s womb.
Enough about my experience. The boys love Blaise. Caleb loves to hold him, and Joshua loves kissing on him. If Blaise starts crying, Caleb tells him, “it’s okay, Caleb’s here.” Joshua will tell him, “Happy, baby.” It’s great.
Here are a few pictures, and hopefully I’ll get some more up soon.

The boys meet Blaise.

Blaise comes home!

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A Test Post

So I’m testing this new app that’s supposed to make it easier to blog from one’s iPhone or iPad. We’ll see how it goes…maybe I’ll actually blog more than once month!
We are headed to the mountains today to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. I’m excited. The leaves should be beautiful! Caleb can’t wait to visit the cavern.
Our CD’s should be ready to purchase by the middle of November. I’m sure you’ll hear more about that as November gets closer, but you can be thinking about who you might want to buy some for in the meantime :) !
I’m going to try and upload some pictures. Let’s see how easy that is! But enjoy a few photos from my phone.

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Ramblings and Pictures

April is almost gone, and Caleb’s birthday is almost upon us.  3!  I can’t believe he’s going to be 3!  Caleb is our head weasel.  The other day when he woke up, he told us he was sick.  He laid around for about an hour, and then played the rest of the day without mentioning being sick.  Well, until after he woke up from his nap, where he told Daddy that, “I’m so sick” in a super pitiful voice.  He felt “bedduh” when it was time to go outside.  We’ve been trying to tell him how disgusting it is to pick one’s nose, but he doesn’t care.  It feels like 70% of the time I can look at him and find him picking away.  Joshua has noticed too.  Be sure and look for that picture below.  Joshua thinks it’s so funny when I tell him not to do that.

Caleb really enjoyed having some of his cousins spend the night last week.  He was so excited waiting for them, and could hardly contain himself once they arrived.  He yelled out, “Daddy, the COUSINS are here.”  He enjoyed showing them his toys and how he runs around the kitchen pretending he’s “Speed.”  I think my favorite part was how he wouldn’t say their names, he just called them cousins when he wanted their attention.

Joshua, our shy and serious weasel, is not afraid to throw fits.  His big thing is to throw himself on the floor and cry.  It makes me want to laugh when he does it, but I’m looking forward to him outgrowing that.  He also loves putting everything in his mouth.  Crayons, markers, chalk, bark, rocks and foam all taste pretty good to him.   Yum!

April brought us lots of candy, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Lee, the Timco Family Fun Day, and beautiful weather.  Hope you enjoy a few pictures below.

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Fun at Tweetsie

This past weekend we headed up to the mountains to look at some leaves and take the boys to Tweetsie Railroad. The leaves were gorgeous, and the boys had a lot of fun at Tweetsie. Caleb was able to ride almost all the rides. His favorite was the train ride of course, but he enjoyed all of them. Joshua was even able to enjoy a few rides. The temperature was 70 degrees when we arrived and 54 degrees when we left. Good thing we brought our coats with us. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

It’s a big choo-choo!

I’ve been meaning to change our blog template for a year now. Thank goodness it’s Autumn again.

On Sunday, we went to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer to take a ride on Thomas the Train. Caleb was in Choo-choo heaven. He couldn’t wait to ride the train–too bad we had an hour to kill before we were able to board. Caleb couldn’t quite grasp that concept. He didn’t understand why he could see Thomas, and Mommy and Daddy said we were going to take a ride, but yet we were walking away from the train. He got over it quickly when he found a train table to play on.

Caleb enjoys a ride down the slide.

“It’s a BIG choo-choo!”

They had Thomas blocked off so you couldn’t get a picture in front of him unless you paid for them to take it. Ben walked with Caleb around to the other side of Thomas and got this one. Cheese!

Caleb could have played at this table for hours. Joshua was ready to go.

Joshua waiting to board the train.

Could Caleb have posed any better for this picture?

All Aboard!

Waiting for the train ride to start. The anticipation is killing us!

Here are a few extra pictures.
Crazy Brothers!

Joshua trying to eat what is left of Caleb’s apple while Caleb took a nap.

Some Pictures

So I’ve posted new blog entries, but haven’t created a web album in awhile. Below you’ll find a few pictures from July and August. We’ve got a busy September coming up with a trip to see some friends next weekend and our long awaited trip to the beach the week after that. Let’s hope there aren’t any hurricanes or tropical storms that want to blow through during that time.

We took Joshua to another Eye Doctor last week. He felt that Joshua was too young to get an accurate measuring on his eyes, so although surgery is not ruled out, it is not something we will be rushing in to anytime soon. Please keep praying for him! Joshua did get a new eye prescription. The Doctor felt that his old prescription was still not right, and hopefully this new one will help straighten his eyes. We picked him out some new glasses, and are waiting for them to come in. They’re back ordered…of course.