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Nursery Rhymes and a Squealing Pig

I love this first video of Caleb “reading” Humpty Dumpty, or Dumpy Dumpy as he likes to say, to us. We have some more footage of him reading the rest of the book to us. I’ll have to work on putting them together for the site.

The second video is of Joshua squealing with joy while spinning in one of the new exhibits at the Children’s Museum. The boys really liked it, but they weren’t strong enough to spin themselves, so I had to get in there with them. I don’t think Flumpy enjoyed it as much. I was super dizzy after spinning them.

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That’s What Faith Must Be

Okay, it’s only taken me 2 weeks to get a few pictures up from our July 4th weekend, but it was a really busy day.  I guess I’m still recovering.  Not really, but here is a rundown of our day.  We met up with Grammy, Papa, The Edwards, The Stones, and The Diaz Girls, as well as The Rowan Republicans, at the East Rowan YMCA  so we could catch a ride on the Trolley to ride in the Faith Parade.  Caleb loved it.  He thought it was a Choo-Choo.  He liked throwing candy and necklaces out the window to the crowds, but his favorite part was sneaking a few pieces of candy.  Ben walked beside the Trolley and blew up animal balloons.

After the parade, everyone came over for a 4th of July cookout.  Caleb loved playing with his cousins.  Joshua enjoyed it too.  After eating, we tried finding ways to pass the time until the Fireworks started- 10:30pm.  Ya, a little on the late side.  But some napped, some played wiffle ball, some walked, and then we all watched a movie.  We rode back to Faith for the Fireworks, and I think both boys enjoyed them.  The little town puts on a pretty good show.

Enjoy a few pictures and a short video of the Fireworks.

Thank You!

Turning 2 is a very busy thing, so forgive me that it has taken me this long to thank everyone. I’ve really been enjoying all my new toys. Thanks to everyone who sent me gift cards or money. I like picking toys out, but Mom has this crazy idea that I need clothes instead. When will she learn?! I asked Mom to take a picture of me enjoying all of my gifts so I could post them here. I think she got most of them. She hasn’t let me play with the sprinkler ball yet. She keeps saying, “let it warm up a little more.” So Cailyn, when Mom thinks it’s warm enough, you’ll have to come over and play with me.

Thank you Grammy and Papa for my video game and Tub Whistle. I really enjoy playing with them.

I really love playing with my choo-choos! Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa Lee and Grandpa and Jane!

Mom really likes this outfit. Thank you Uncle Steve, Aunt Rachel, and all the Diaz Cousins!

I have lots of fun on this lion. I named it Aslan. I like to use it to climb on to other things. I even let Joshua get on it sometimes. Thanks Uncle Chucky, Aunt Amy, and all the Stone Cousins.

I have lots of fun running around the house trying to tag all the animals in this game. Thanks Aunt Emily, Uncle Steven, and Emma.

I like my puzzle and train that Uncle Matt, Aunt Hill, and David and Muzie got for me. I like putting the puzzle together and then dumping the pieces out again to let Mom pick up.

Mom thought that the enjoyment I got from this present was best shown in a short video rather than a picture. Here it is. Thanks to the Stogner’s for this book. I love it!

Caleb is 2!

I can’t believe we just celebrated Caleb’s second birthday. After worrying for weeks about the weather, Sunday ended up being a beautiful day. Caleb had fun eating cheetos, opening presents, and playing in the park. He is enjoying all his presents, especially his “choo-choo.” We have tons of food leftover, so Great Grandpa Lee were saving it for you in June! Just kidding. We have a few videos and pictures from the party.

Rare Footage

Most of you in the immediate family know that my mom and dad went on a romantic mountain getaway this past weekend. After they got back, I needed to borrow dad’s video camera — and was surprised to see they had forgotten to remove the tape of their trip. Unable to resist my curiosity, to my own chagrin and at great personal risk, I “previewed” the contents.

Let’s just say this is one of the tamer clips from said video.

Enjoy Mom — you may never see dad dance like that again.

Time for a Toddler Bed Test

Ah, the milestones of growing.  Sitting up, crawling, walking, leaving the crib behind… The first three are pretty easily defined, but how does a parent decide when it is time for their child to leave the crib?  This video demonstrates one benchmark which is a pretty good indicator that it is time to kiss the crib good-bye.

It’s pretty clear that if Caleb wants to come and get us in the middle of the night, he can;  and so we enter in to a new phase.  (He is also getting very close to being able to turn door knobs.)

For those of you who care about technology, this is my first video using our VADO HD.  The quality was really nice… unfortunately converting it to work in iMovie took its toll.  I didn’t find iMovie as powerful as Premiere Elements, although at least iMovie hasn’t crashed on me at all yet.  (I have had hundreds of crashes in Premiere.)

First Video of 2009

Well, we finally put a video together.  Who would have thought two little kids could keep you so busy.  On top of that, we had a bug going around that we affectionately named “the crapper.”  It stalked each member of our family down one at a time.  Needless to say, it has been taking a bit more time to get things done lately.  Check out the new photo album below as well. Enjoy.

Catch Up!

Welcome to our new Family blog.  With the arrival of Joshua in a little less than 7 weeks, we thought we would create a blog titled for the entire family.  I can’t believe the last time we posted was a month ago.  I guess that means this entry will be a bit long, so we can catch up on all the things Caleb has been doing.   Don’t forget to check out the pictures and even a short video below.

Caleb enjoyed carving his first pumpkin.  He’s all boy and really enjoyed getting his hands all mushy and dirty and covered with pumpkin guts.  He loves being outside and really likes to wade chest deep in to a pile of leaves.

Several weeks ago, Caleb took a trip to the  Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia with seven of his cousins to see the fall foliage.  Caleb watched his dad take off his shoes to wade in to a mountain stream… and followed him in with his shoes on!

While playing outside with dad, Caleb ran around the house, twice!  Whether its riding in his wagon, throwing a ball, or just finding dirt, water, and mud, Caleb loves to be outside.  When it is time to come back in, Caleb would rather stay outside.  He loves the playgrounds at parks and now slides right down the big slides whether or not mom and dad are ready.

For the political season, Caleb had the opportunity to attend a stump speech of Pat McCrory (who didn’t win). He enjoyed watching the helicopter land and take off.  The day of the election he spent a couple of hours working the polls with mom.  His cute smiles won a few extra votes for the Republicans.  He has the makings of a fine politician, right down to the crying and need for constant attention.  On election night Caleb watched the early returns from the Salisbury GOP headquarters.  He even took a picture with McCain and Palin… OK, so it was their cardboard cut-outs, but it was still cool.

The Fair, Young Republicans, and the Museum

A couple weekends ago we took Caleb to the Rowan County Fair.  He enjoyed eating cotton candy, riding the different rides, and mooing at the cows.  I think his favorite ride was the Spinning Teacups.  He almost won a bike, but our number was one off from the number called out.  There are a few pictures and even a short video of his time at the fair below.

Last Friday evening we attended the Young Republicans meeting.  Caleb was the youngest in attendance — except for Joshua — the Republicans at least acknowledge his human rights.  He quickly warmed up to the crowd by running to and fro throughout the building.  And when asked if he wanted a bite, he decided to share a donut with Ty Cob, a Republican running for the U.S. House of Representatives in our district.

Today he enjoyed an afternoon playing with his cousins at the Children’s Museum in Greensboro.  He even played in the cockpit of a plane donated by Timco Aviation, the company where his daddy works. He loved all the different activities and was upset when it was time to go.

Little Drummer Boy

Okay, it’s a little early for Christmas, but here is a recent video shot on a cell phone of Caleb playing the drums.