Easter 2011

Hope you all enjoyed celebrating the Resurrection of our Risen Savior this past Sunday. The boys enjoyed hanging out with family, finding eggs, eating candy, playing outside, and finally coming home. This week we are enjoying time with my grandmother. On Sunday we will have Blaise’s baby dedication and then Caleb’s 4th birthday party afterwards. Busy, but fun times ahead. I’m sure we’ll have lots of pictures to share. Until then, here are a few pictures from our Easter Weekend.

Should be cleaning

I have a few seconds to spare, so I thought I’d put a few pictures up. Actually I should be cleaning the house with this extra time, but I know how our faithful readers love pictures, and I don’t want to disappoint. I hope you enjoy.

Current Events

Things have been going well in our household. I think we have all adjusted to having a newborn in the house again. I can’t believe Blaise will be 6 weeks old this week. Time flies when you’re not getting as much sleep as you used to…I think that’s how that phrase goes!
Anyway, March is upon us and soon the first day of Spring. Ben and the boys have been working on getting their square foot gardens going. Caleb is really excited this year about having his own garden in which he will plant carrots (thanks, Curious George). Hopefully I’ll do a better job of remembering to water everything this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have their first church service on March 20th. I’m excited and slightly nervous. Even after all the singing Ben and I have done, things like this still give me the butterflies. If you’re in the area, we will be performing a few songs at Burlington Assembly during the evening service. You can check out our Facebook page for more info.
As usual, enjoy some pictures from the last month.

Caleb and Joshua love when Daddy makes lemonade.

I couldn’t help but laugh when Joshua decided to paint his face with his yogurt. Caleb thought it was pretty funny, too.

The boys love their bunk beds!

Caleb has really enjoyed playing Mario Kart lately. I snapped this shot after his first win. He was pretty excited.

My sweet boys! I love being able to stay home with them.

Helping out with Blaise really wears the boys out! Ha…not really! I just had a lucky day where they both decided to nap.

Blaise is chunking up. It’s amazing how fast they grow.

Blaise lovin’ on his daddy!

Enjoying some time with Mommy and giving a little preview of his sweet grin.

Blaise and his Big Brothers

I’ve got a little Blaise snoozing on my lap, so I thought I would try to get some pictures up before it was time to feed the little guy again.

Caleb loves Baby Flumpy. He loves to hold him and kiss him, and when he starts to fuss, he’s ready to hand him back.

Joshua loves Blaise, too…but on his terms. He wasn’t interested in taking pictures at the time. He was having more fun playing in Blaise’s swing.

Yeah, he loves him!

Blaise is enjoying a little awake time on his play mat.

His big brothers decided they needed to show him how everything on the play mat worked.

Wow, I got a smile or smirk from everyone. (Don’t mind Caleb. He’s not turning into the Hulk. He just finished a green popsicle.)

And here is our traditional umbilical cord picture.

Well, I finished just in time. Little Blaise is awake and ready to eat. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Blaise Benjamin Johnson

So Blaise decided to come a few days early and fast! For those interested in this kind of stuff, my contractions started around 5:30pm on Wednesday, January 26th. Ben and I had just finished putting the boys’ mattresses and sheets on their new bunk bed. Ben had worship practice that night, but since I wasn’t feeling that great I told him he better not go. I took a bath and then started to time the contractions to see how close they were. I was still in the stage of “I don’t know if this is it” since I had a few contractions that were 10 minutes apart. I had had a doctor’s appointment that morning and had been warned that I would have some cramping and contractions that evening, so determining if this was “it” was kind of difficult. Thankfully Ben decided to call his parents and tell them to come on down (they live an hour away) despite my unbelief. Then it hit! I needed to get to the hospital. I couldn’t talk through my contractions anymore, and I was starting my “I can’t do this” talk to Ben. Usually I’m in the hospital when I start saying that. Ben’s parents were in Greensboro, so Ben got our neighbors, and we headed to the hospital. We left the house around 7:20-7:30. I walked to the labor and delivery room, stopping quite a few times to hug on Ben and have him rub my back and help me breath through a contraction. They were short staff and had just delivered a baby, so Ben and I were standing outside the labor and delivery rooms ringing the bell to be let in for 3 minutes. I finally got into a room, and changed into a gown, and then felt like I needed to push. The doctor checked me and at 8:04pm, Baby Flumpy or Blaise was born. Kind of a crazy experience this time, but the outcome…so amazing! After three labors, I’m still amazed and in awe of what God knits together in a woman’s womb.
Enough about my experience. The boys love Blaise. Caleb loves to hold him, and Joshua loves kissing on him. If Blaise starts crying, Caleb tells him, “it’s okay, Caleb’s here.” Joshua will tell him, “Happy, baby.” It’s great.
Here are a few pictures, and hopefully I’ll get some more up soon.

The boys meet Blaise.

Blaise comes home!

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Time for some pictures

As we near the end of this pregnancy (I’ve got two weeks left, give or take a few), I thought I better post some pictures before I get too far behind. We’re all getting excited about Baby Flumpy’s arrival. I’m a tad bit nervous knowing what’s in store for me for Baby Flumpy to arrive, but it’s worth it. We recently put together some bunk beds for the boys, and are waiting on their mattresses to arrive. Caleb is excited about sleeping on the top bed. They both love the ladder!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Next time I post, maybe we’ll have some pictures of our new little man.

Fun in the snow

I’m a little slow on getting any pictures up from Christmas…maybe later this week, but I did manage to put together a little video of the boys sledding. They’ve always seemed to like sledding, but this time they both loved it! They would go down the hill together, by themselves, and hardly needed Daddy’s help anymore. They are growing up. It’s a little bittersweet.
They went sledding the next day, and we managed to lose Joshua’s glasses. We have looked and looked for them. I think it’s crazy unbelievable that we can’t find them. I’m pretty sure a deer is the proud owner of them now. It’s the only logical answer as to why they can’t be found. But please, feel free to come over and look. I’d love to have them back. Maybe we’ll turn Joshua’s birthday party into a search and rescue! Anyway, enjoy the video!

Joshua’s New Toy

We celebrated Joshua’s 2nd birthday on Monday. I made him one of his favorite foods, shells and cheese, for dinner and we had brownies afterwords. He’ll celebrate with family and friends later this month.
He had fun opening present. Caleb enjoyed it as well. He said, with a big smile on his face and looking at the new Lego train set, “I like Joshua’s birthday!”
This video is of Joshua calling his new truck, Chuck, to him. There are also a few pictures to enjoy.

A Real Haircut

Joshua received his first real haircut at the barber shop this morning. At first I wasn’t sure he was going to sit through it, but the barber quickly settled him down with a sucker. It also helped to have Daddy there holding his hand! I didn’t realize how much hair Joshua actually had until he got it cut. He’s looking super handsome now. Enjoy some pictures from his adventure.

Here’s a lovely prego pic of me, too.

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Nursery Rhymes and a Squealing Pig

I love this first video of Caleb “reading” Humpty Dumpty, or Dumpy Dumpy as he likes to say, to us. We have some more footage of him reading the rest of the book to us. I’ll have to work on putting them together for the site.

The second video is of Joshua squealing with joy while spinning in one of the new exhibits at the Children’s Museum. The boys really liked it, but they weren’t strong enough to spin themselves, so I had to get in there with them. I don’t think Flumpy enjoyed it as much. I was super dizzy after spinning them.

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