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Metamorphasis… Finally…

It’s been awhile, but Caleb’s caterpillar finally morphed into a huge moth.  We knew you guys had been anxiously awaiting the outcome of the life cycle of our little, well maybe not so little, caterpillar- how big would he be, what color would his wings be, what would we name him.  Ok, we didn’t name him, but here are a few pictures from that pretty exciting day in the Johnson household.

Goodbye to Summer ‘08

Kids are back in school.  The political conventions are over and the campaigning is in full swing. (Go McCain — Palin!)  The days, though getting shorter have been hot.  Just the kind of days where you want to be cooling of in a friends pool or taking a spontaneous trip to Myrtle Beach — and that is what Caleb has been up to.

The day after hurricane Hanna came through the Carolinas, we picked up and headed down to Myrtle Beach for a few end of summer days on the beach.  Caleb  enjoyed the surf and sun, and even picked up a case of athletes foot from the pool.



We found a large caterpillar in our garage and we moved him to Caleb’s bug box.  In a day he had made a cocoon for himself.  Now we are anxiously awaiting the metamorphosis.  Does anybody know what kind of moth/butterfly we have?


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