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April is almost gone, and Caleb’s birthday is almost upon us.  3!  I can’t believe he’s going to be 3!  Caleb is our head weasel.  The other day when he woke up, he told us he was sick.  He laid around for about an hour, and then played the rest of the day without mentioning being sick.  Well, until after he woke up from his nap, where he told Daddy that, “I’m so sick” in a super pitiful voice.  He felt “bedduh” when it was time to go outside.  We’ve been trying to tell him how disgusting it is to pick one’s nose, but he doesn’t care.  It feels like 70% of the time I can look at him and find him picking away.  Joshua has noticed too.  Be sure and look for that picture below.  Joshua thinks it’s so funny when I tell him not to do that.

Caleb really enjoyed having some of his cousins spend the night last week.  He was so excited waiting for them, and could hardly contain himself once they arrived.  He yelled out, “Daddy, the COUSINS are here.”  He enjoyed showing them his toys and how he runs around the kitchen pretending he’s “Speed.”  I think my favorite part was how he wouldn’t say their names, he just called them cousins when he wanted their attention.

Joshua, our shy and serious weasel, is not afraid to throw fits.  His big thing is to throw himself on the floor and cry.  It makes me want to laugh when he does it, but I’m looking forward to him outgrowing that.  He also loves putting everything in his mouth.  Crayons, markers, chalk, bark, rocks and foam all taste pretty good to him.   Yum!

April brought us lots of candy, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Lee, the Timco Family Fun Day, and beautiful weather.  Hope you enjoy a few pictures below.

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Some Pictures

So I’ve posted new blog entries, but haven’t created a web album in awhile. Below you’ll find a few pictures from July and August. We’ve got a busy September coming up with a trip to see some friends next weekend and our long awaited trip to the beach the week after that. Let’s hope there aren’t any hurricanes or tropical storms that want to blow through during that time.

We took Joshua to another Eye Doctor last week. He felt that Joshua was too young to get an accurate measuring on his eyes, so although surgery is not ruled out, it is not something we will be rushing in to anytime soon. Please keep praying for him! Joshua did get a new eye prescription. The Doctor felt that his old prescription was still not right, and hopefully this new one will help straighten his eyes. We picked him out some new glasses, and are waiting for them to come in. They’re back ordered…of course.

First Video of 2009

Well, we finally put a video together.  Who would have thought two little kids could keep you so busy.  On top of that, we had a bug going around that we affectionately named “the crapper.”  It stalked each member of our family down one at a time.  Needless to say, it has been taking a bit more time to get things done lately.  Check out the new photo album below as well. Enjoy.

Survivor Baby

Joshua is now 3 1/2 weeks old, and it has been about that long since we updated the blog… oh how time flies.  He has survived Caleb…so far.  His head wasn’t too hurt when Caleb ran one of his cars into it.  He didn’t spit up too much when Caleb helped turbo charge his travel swing.  I think he kind of enjoyed the ice cream, little pieces of goldfish, and juice that Caleb tried to sneak to him.  He can still move his lower extremities after Caleb stepped on his bottom.  The numerous hugs and kisses that Caleb gives him must somehow balance things out in the end.

Joshua has already had quite a series of adventures. He has been for a ride on his brother’s back, gone for a train ride, and set the Guinness World record for most poopy diapers in the first month of life… and it hasn’t even been a full month yet. He even got to do a little role playing as baby Tron. (Ok, actually it was the billi-light, but still, check out the cool picture.)

Caleb has been equally busy, keeping us on our toes. He has had to find new ways of drawing mom and dad’s attention away from the new distraction. He loves to climb on anything, including his little brother. He is learning new words all the time and will often repeat words we didn’t know he could say out of the blue. Perhaps his cutest vocalization is when he points at Joshua and says “bey-bey” in mock guttural tones.

Caleb has already run through two sets of batteries for his Elmo Live. Caleb makes sure that Elmo is talking as he goes about his regular activities. While dad has been off for his paternity leave, Caleb has spent a lot of time with him tending to their makeshift dam in the backyard creek. Caleb got lots of toys for Christmas… I think we need to call off Christmas for the next few years. The house is filling up.

Well, I guess I should draw this to a close. Don’t forget to leave us some comments! Perhaps they will motivate us to get some more video up on the blog.

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Hurry Christmas, Hurry Fast

I’m writing this entry from our post-partum recovery room, and that can only really mean one thing.  Yes, just like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Joshua couldn’t wait for his Christmas due date. He arrived December 13th, 9:28 PM at a pretty standard seven pounds, six ounces – and nineteen and one half inches.  His full name is Joshua Boyd Johnson, the middle name coming from my mom’s father — and also from his cousin once removed William Boyd Stogner.

Last night was pretty quick.  We were only in the hospital for an hour and a half before Joshua was born.  Three hours before he was born we were shopping at Toys R Us.

Caleb is trying to take it all in, but he is warming up to his little brother.  He is also growing up in a hurry, spending his first night away from mom and dad since he was born. What fun these two little spies will have as they grow up together.